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“Nancy Stencil would help bring a sense of balance to Madison, something which is badly needed. You can count on her to put the needs of the working people ahead of the economic elite.”

Dave ObeyFormer Congressman for the 7th District

A Progressive Voice for Central Wisconsin

I grew up in what was once a small mill community, Rothschild. I know first-hand how great jobs with great benefits can raise a family out of poverty. Both of my parents were mill workers. These were strong union jobs that not only provided a living wage that sustained families, but provided wonderful benefits such as health care and retirement. These jobs remembered their workers long after they retired. I believe that the fast food industry is today what the factories were to the 20th century, highly capable of providing living wage jobs.

True to being a mill community, I graduated from D.C. Everest, a high school named after the great entrepreneur of Marathon Paper Corporation. I will tell you I knew it better as a great public school system filled with wonderful teachers who provided me with a well-rounded education. They taught me to think for myself. I hold a degree in Human Services and work with the chronically mentally ill in a community-based setting. I also see today how these programs that offer so much, are crumbling from a lack of funding.

As a once progressive state, I know we can do better. We must do better! In everything we do, we must ask ourselves:  Does this show fairness? Does this show respect? Is this good for everyone in my community, or does it benefit only a few?


Nancy Stencil, Candidate for the 86th Assembly

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