Rights of Pet Owners

Nancy Stencil stands up for the Rights of Pet Owners

family petWisconsin has long regarded and treated pets as mere personal property, just like a car or a toaster, and pets are subject to the same common law rules of property. If your property is damaged by another, you can assert a claim against them for the lesser of the value of the property or the cost of repair. For a pet, the ‘cost of repair’ would be your veterinary’s bill.

The problem is, if your vet charged you several thousand dollars to save (or try to save) your pet’s life after it had been attacked by an another animal or even intentionally injured by another person, the law will not allow you to claim more than the fair market value of your pet. In many cases for most people, the actual ‘fair market value’ (the value that someone would pay in a free market exchange for your pet), is little to nothing. That means the wrong doer does not have to pay for your pet’s medical care…. only you do, because the law says your pet wasn’t legally worth the cost to ‘repair it’. A Wisconsin Court of Appeals case from April 2016, once again applied this law to an unfortunate pet owner whose eleven-year-old dog was attacked and where veterinary bills exceed $9,500! Case can be found at : https://www.wicourts.gov/ca/opinion/DisplayDocument.pdf?content=pdf&seqNo=164930

As a pet/animal lover and a person who recognizes that most people’s pets carry far more value to their owners than just the ‘fair market value’ of their pet, when elected, I will introduce a bill that will make the owners of animals that wrongly injure other people’s pets or the intentional injurers of pets, responsible for the medical/veterinary care of an injured pet, up to the sum of $5,000.00

Nancy Stencil wants to help bring about a new Wisconsin, based on the concern of Fairness for ALL, not just the current concern for only the wealth of the rich and well to do. Let’s find ways to keep our pets alive longer, not ways to end their lives sooner.

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