Nancy Stencil Knows We Need to Address Wisconsin’s Transportation Problem NOW!

highwayLast year, Department of Transportation Secretary Mark Gottlieb recommended an increase in fees and taxes to bring in $750 million of new revenue for the agency’s budget, warning that a failure to generate new revenue would result in deterioration of road conditions. Gov. Scott Walker has refused to raise the state’s gas tax or vehicle registration fee, and instead sought to provide the funds through bonding. That is, Walker wanted to borrow nearly $1.3 billion to pay for the cost of maintenance and new roads and bridges.

The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel recently reported that ” The four major highway projects were each delayed for one year because last summer Gov. Scott Walker and GOP lawmakers couldn’t settle on an approach to paying for them.” Because of that type of deplorable management of our state’s roadways and finances, the Journal Sentinel discovered that the delays coupled with inflation over the past five years on four major state highway projects “have accumulated overruns in excess of $700 million.”

The Citizens of Wisconsin should be up in arms! If we need these roads projects, we need to pay for them, not 20-30 years down the road, but NOW!! …and not allow costs to rise by hundreds of millions of dollars just so our Governor can say he didn’t raise taxes. Walker and his Republican legislators ask: Why should we pay for the roads we need when we can make our kids pay for them… by borrowing a BILLION DOLLARS and forcing our children to guess how they will pay for our bills when they will have bills of their own. The Republican’s answer is unacceptable.

Republicans have tried to brainwash the public into thinking that any and all taxes are a bad thing. That is a lie!

The infrastructure of our state and communities have been and are built with taxes. Taxes are what pay for many of the best things that make our state great…good roadways, beautiful parks, clean water, fine educational systems, and our public servants that keep us safe and secure. There is nothing wrong with asking the citizens of this state to pay for the things we want and need at the time of ‘purchase’, and nothing wrong with asking those who have so much more wealth to contribute something more than those who have so much less.

When elected to the Assembly, I intend to see that the financial interest of ALL the citizens of this state, including our future tax payers – our children – are once again protected and cared for in a fiscally responsible way. I will not stand for our Governor and his cronies to idiotically continue chanting “no new taxes” while that self-serving childish notion continues to drive up the costs of what the state purchases that we eventually will have to pay for with even more TAX dollars.

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